PJSC "Krasnensky KHP"

PJSC "Krasnensky KHP" is guided in its activities by the principle of respect for its customers, attracting all the necessary resources and experience, making full use of its own production potential.

The plant accepts grain and processes it: cleans it from impurities, dries it and ships it by road or rail. Provides grain storage and grinding services. The plant guarantees the quality of performance of all services to its clients.

By accepting grain for storage, we provide the necessary conditions and method of storage, which is mainly determined by the physical and physiological properties of the grain itself. We store all batches of seeds and grains in special storages. Our granaries are classified according to certain characteristics: grain storage period (granaries for long-term and temporary storage), design features (elevators, sheds, warehouses, etc.), operations carried out in it (grain storage only or its processing at the same time). and other characteristics.

The plant receives, cleans and dries oilseeds (soybeans, flax, sunflowers, rapeseed). Since in the future they receive oils by pressing, the process of their purification is very important to ensure the purity of the product. Our specialists are responsible for the needs of customers and their desire to get the best results from the processing of grain, so we guarantee the diligence and quality of all services for its processing.


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