Product storage

For grain storage it is planned to use 9 grain warehouses of floor storage with a total passport capacity of 45000 tons. Weighing is carried out on electric automobile scales - 80 tons. For loading and unloading works on motor transport five points which are provided with forklifts are used.

Unloading and shipment of grain by rail is ensured by the presence on the territory of the enterprise of a railway track with a total length of 1982 m with the possibility of simultaneous work at four points. Weighing of wagons is carried out on a railway weight - 150 tons during registration of cargoes.

History of creation

Krasnensky Bakery Private Joint Stock Company was established on the basis of Krasnensky Bakery in September 1998, which in turn was built on the basis of Krasnensky REALBAZA of the Ministry of Bakery and put into operation by order №1 of 28.05.1945. The enterprise is located on the territory of 8.35 hectares. Mechanized warehouses of floor type with a capacity of 20 tons and silage type (elevators) with a capacity of 30 tons are used for storage of grain crops. 150 tons. As well as a traction locomotive.

Our capabilities

The grain warehouse is certified for compliance with the provision of services for storage of products and their processing. The company also received a certificate for the provision of services for cleaning, drying, storage and sale of grain and products of its processing, which meets the requirements of international standards. The company has an accredited production and technical laboratory.

The plant has the ability to load grain crops by rail on two access tracks on average 15-20 cars per day, as well as vehicles up to 20 cars per day, has the ability to transport grain by own transport.

During 2012-2013, the company purchased ten DAF trucks for grain transportation, and a new warehouse was put into operation. The company exports grain and industrial crops to the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Latvia and Poland

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